Jacob & Co Net Worth (2024)

The name of Jacob & Co is now a globally renowned individual. His achievement has been built on a foundation of hard effort. As a result, he has risen to become one of the world’s wealthiest people. The way to reach here was not easy at all. Right now, he is the most trending person in social media.

He has attracted numerous people from many countries of the world. He began his existence at the abyssal level. However, by sound judgment and diligence, he arrived at this position. This article will write about the Jacob & Co net worth, age, height, and weight of your favorite person.

What Is Jacob & Co Net Worth?

Jacob & Co is one of the wealthiest persons in the world, and he is well-known. In a few years, he’ll get to where he wants to be and get a lot of popularity. He has a diverse range of sources of income, which has enabled him to get to the top of the list of the most prominent celebrities in such a short period of time. This is what we know about Jacob & Co net worth based on a recent study by Forbes and business insiders: He is worth more than a couple of million dollars. With each passing day, Jacob & Co overall profits continue to rise, and he is becoming more popular on the sidelines.

YearNet Worth
2020$8 Million
2021$8.5 Million
20229 Million
20239.5 Million

Early Life & Family

His birthplace is the United States of America. It wasn’t like his parents had a lot of money. They guided the ark at a key time in history, the creation of Jacob & Co. He had to manage his child’s life to pay for his schooling.

Later on, he relocated to another city in order to pursue more studies. As children, he and his brothers formed close bonds that have lasted to this day. Jacob & Co is married for a long time which is not unknown to all. In his family, he has just a few children, all of them are known by his surname.


Jacob & Co seems unmarried, although he’s married. He is married for a long time and his wife is so much cooperative with him. They have travelled a lot of places and enjoys their married life. We have high hopes that they will have a wonderful life together in the future and that they will continue to share the splendor of their connection with us.

Education Qualification

Jacob & Co started his education from home. Here is where he received his fundamental schooling. After then, he finished his pre-school education. After having a degree from there, he went to high school. After graduating from high school, he pursued a bachelor’s degree at a local university.

He went to college while he was still in high school, and that helped him a lot in his professional life. He also went to college. A few more things were acquired all through the years he lived in school, and he ‘ve made a huge difference in his later life overall. Jacob & Co has obtained many degrees during his career.


Jacob & Co started his business right after he graduated from college. Working life was quite difficult for him. He had such a difficult life to handle that he never gets any rest. With no formal schooling beyond high school, he was employed full-time at a clothes retailer. He chose upon consideration to continue using his managerial talents. He was confident in his abilities and believed he could do well in the job of Executive Assistant, but he was at a loss as to how to actually get hired for the position.

He enjoyed working for the firm and had positive relationships with his coworkers, but he yearned for a position with more responsibility. Although he still has some ground to cover, he is well on his way. The world now knows who this individual is. He succeeded in his professional aim and reached a large number of individuals as a result.

Quick Info

Real NameJacob & Co
Nick NameJacob & Co
Height5 feet 10 Inch
RelationshipUpdate Soon
ChildrenNot available on Internet
ParentsInfo Not available

Award And Achievement

A number of accolades have been bestowed to Jacob & Co in various categories. As a result of his amusing contributions to humanity, he has been awarded many degrees from universities with a global reputation. He is so lucky because he also has a lot of awards from different presidents and people who are very important. He accomplished the best in the human race at the pinnacle of his success, which is a given at that point in time.

People from all around the world have come to recognize him only for his ability to entertain people in the modern day. Furthermore, Jacob & Co has earned a number of prestigious honors, which is a fantastic honor.

Contact Info

There are several places where Jacob & Co has made his phone number available. One can contact with him through the office number. His social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, and email, are also available for communication. A prominent city where he is currently living but most regret that is not his home town. He has listed his personal and enterprise contacts, where you may send different forms of welcome supplies.

Phone Number:Update Soon
Email Address:Coming Soon
Telegram Number:Not Found
Personal Website:Update Soon
Facebook:Not available
Twitter:Not Found
LinkedIn:Not available
TikTok:Not available
Snapchat:Not available


Jacob & Co is such a well celebrity all over the earth. He’d traveled a great distance to get here. His impact to the media and to the people of the globe has been extraordinary. Success cannot be achieved in a short period of time; it requires a significant amount of effort to arrive at the next level.

He has become a hero to the people who love him. He is not simply a well-known personality, but also a kind soul who has done much for humanity. He has become inspiration to the young generation for his success.


Jacob & Co Net Worth (2024)


What is Jacob and Co's net worth? ›

What is Jacob the Jeweler's net worth? Jacob the Jeweler is a Bukharian-American jeweler who has a net worth of $50 million. Jacob the Jeweler, also known as Jacob Arabo, earned his net worth as the owner and founder of Jacob & Co., a high end watch and jewelry maker.

What is the revenue of Jacob and Co? ›

This week, Jacob & Co. will announce that revenue has grown steadily and dramatically during the past three years, from $81 million in 2020 to $137 million the following year, and $188 million in 2022.

Who owns Jacob and Co billionaire? ›

Billionaire is born from the profound love Jacob Arabo has for diamonds. Of all gems, it holds a special place in his creative heart and mind. Since his earliest days as a jeweler, he has developed a passion for perfection, for the most lavish, large, white and pure of diamonds.

Who is the CEO of Jacob and Co? ›

Arabov said by going on his own he gained eight years of digital experience and six years experience running a successful business. And he was always planning to return to the family business when the time was right. Benjamin Arabov, the new CEO of Jacob & Co.

Who owns the Billionaire watch? ›

2015: Jacob & Co. unveiled the Billionaire watch with a price tag of $18 million. The 18k white gold case and bracelet was covered with 260 carats of diamonds, with each individual gem weighing 3 carats each. It was purchased by professional boxer Floyd Mayweather in 2018.

How many employees does Jacob have? ›

With approximately $16 billion in annual revenue and a talent force of more than 60,000, Jacobs provides a full spectrum of professional services including consulting, technical, scientific and project delivery for the government and private sector.

How many stores does Jacob and Co. have? ›

However, that isn't all 2023 will see no fewer than thirteen Jacob & Co. locations open, bringing the brand's total number to 94 locations in 34 countries worldwide, including the historic flagship store in New York.

What is the 20 million dollar watch? ›

Jacob & Co. unveiled its $20 million Billionaire Timeless Treasure Yellow Diamond watch on Monday in Geneva, concurrent with the Watches & Wonders Geneva 2023 exhibition. The complex tourbillon timepiece is totally ensconced in 425 Asscher-Cut Fancy Yellow and Intense Yellow diamonds.

How much is the billionaire Jacob watch? ›

Billionaire has reached fame as the watch coveted by all with a price tag surpassing $18 million. With only one in existence worldwide, the Billionaire is a unique piece adorned with Emerald-Cut Diamonds with an approximate carat weight of 260 carats.

How much does the CR7 watch cost? ›

What sets it apart are the twin triple-axis tourbillons and the decimal minute repeater, contributing to its staggering 1.3-million-dollar price tag. The watch comprises of 832 intricate components and is adorned with 75 precious jewels.

What is the price of Jacob and Co Ronaldo watch? ›

More About This Listing
Basic Info
Listing codeJKR122
LocationMonaco, Monaco
Price€76,500 (= Rs.7,065,280)
AvailabilityItem is in stock
26 more rows

Is Jacob & Co a luxury brand? ›

In 1986, Mr. Arabo launched his own luxury label, Jacob & Co. He was forging a name for himself, but in the back of his mind, he still thought about watches. "First I concentrated on jewelry, but watches were in the back of my mind," he says.

Who owns Jacob and Co.'s billionaire Timeless Treasure? ›

Since the early days of Jacob & Co., Jacob Arabo has dreamt about a culminating creation where diamonds and watchmaking would peak together.

Who is the owner of Jacob diamond? ›

The last nizam of the Hyderabad State, Mir Osman Ali Khan, found the diamond in the toe of the shoe of his father (Mahboob Ali Khan) at Chowmahalla Palace and used it as a paperweight for a long time. It was bought by the government of India for an estimated $US13 million in 1995.

How much is Jacob and Co billionaire timeless treasure? ›

At Watches & Wonders 2023 in Geneva, Jacob & Co. introduced their newest flagship piece, calling it the Billionaire Timeless Treasure with a price tag of 20 million dollars.


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