Honda Pilot Pros and Cons: What To Know When Weighing Your Decision (2024)

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The Honda Pilot is a popular midsize crossover SUV with a rugged exterior and plenty of room for passengers and cargo alike. If you’re interested in the Pilot, examine every aspect to determine if it’s right for you. You might wonder - what are the Honda Pilot pros and cons?

If you’re interested in learning more about the pros and cons of the Honda Pilot, you’re in the right place. The more you know about the best and worst details, the easier it will be to decide on the Pilot for your life. Read on to learn about some of the things we love and a few we find less than ideal.

What We Love About the Honda Pilot

It’s thrilling to check out the best features in a car. Let’s dive into the best aspects of the Honda Pilot pros and cons.

Off-Road Additions

One of the most enticing aspects of the Honda Pilot is its ability to take on off-roading like a champion. In 2022, the Pilot introduced the TrailSport model for those who want an outdoor focus with their Pilot. This trim offers 18-inch TrailSport wheels, suspension tuned for off-roading, and a TrailWatch camera system.

Of course, the decision to invest in the Honda Pilot TrailSport trim means you sacrifice the ride a little bit. Those focused on off-roading, however, won’t mind the trade-off.


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Quality Handling

There’s nothing better than a car that is easy to handle, as it offers security for the driver and more impactful performance. The Pilot masters the handling and offers little lean-in in the corners with its suspension system. It’s restrained and ready to take on the road.

The redesign of the Honda Pilot in 2022 made the machine three inches longer and much heavier. This distribution of weight and length allows the Pilot to hold a much better balance on the road. It’s no performance vehicle, but it does remain solid with larger brakes and pedals and a design capable of handling rough terrain.

Excellent Infotainment Access

Infotainment makes the difference between a sub-par drive and something far better. In the Honda Pilot, you’ll find an updated infotainment system ready to turn on anything and everything on the go. Integrated Android Auto and Apple CarPlay allow you to hook your phone up to the car.

Every trim of the Pilot comes equipped with a touchscreen in full color, permitting easy touch on demand. The base model has a 7-inch screen, but the upgraded trims boast a 9-inch screen addition. Plus, the response time on the screen is just as entertaining as the Pilot.

Space for Everyone

The Honda Pilot understands that many cars don’t provide enough room for passengers and cargo, and they take that to the next level. In fact, in the second row, there is an additional two inches of legroom for passengers when compared to past iterations of the vehicle. That means the ability to stretch out on a long road trip.

There is even more room if you invest in the Elite trim. In this version, the second row can be transformed into a three-seat row with a removable middle seat. The seat doesn’t just move - it becomes another storage compartment for cargo.


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Smooth Powertrain Experience

Finally, the Honda Pilot provides a much smoother powertrain in the newer years than those in the past. The 10-speed automatic transmission and paddle shifters make it easy to shift between power.

The 285-hp V6 engine offers a smooth and sleek ride, especially compared to the previous nine-speed automatic transmission system on older models. It’s easy for you to accelerate smoothly and access power to pass by people on the road without a care in the world.

What We Don’t Like About the Honda Pilot

Of course, you can’t discuss the benefits of the Pilot without talking about the disadvantages. Let’s dive into the worst parts of the Honda Pilot pros and cons.

Compact Third Row

Although there is some flexibility with the second row of the Pilot, the third row of the Honda Pilot is far more compact and isn’t nearly as comfortable as the other portions of the vehicle. There’s maybe an additional half an inch of room for those in the back of the Pilot, but it isn’t nearly enough for fully-grown passengers to feel comfortable.

One consideration the Honda Pilot chooses to add is sliding second-row seats to make it easier to climb into the back. While it is easier, it doesn’t make them any more comfortable or add room for cramped limbs.

Cabin Troubles

Though there are many excellent features in the cabin like heated front seats and power front seats, none of the best additions are available in the base trim. You won’t even get access to a power driver seat until the second upgrade to the Sport trim.

Not every interior storage option is accessible in the Pilot, making it tricky to take advantage of the room provided for drivers and passengers. Also, the build is solid - but it doesn’t offer the luxury you’d expect for a price over $50,000 on some trims.

Issues in the Transmission

Finally, there are some troubles in the Pilot transmission department. It’s a very smooth system and offers a vast improvement over the past 9-speed version, but that doesn’t make it problem-free.

In some cases, awkward downshifting can occur, ruining the performance for some. Many reported the system stumbling and only downshifting one gear at a time instead of several.


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Should You Buy a Honda Pilot?

We’ve examined the Honda Pilot pros and cons, so now it’s time for the most critical question - is it worth it to invest in the Honda Pilot? Should you consider this car or look elsewhere for your next vehicle?

Although there are some issues with the Honda Pilot, it’s decent for a spacious three-row seating arrangement and a refined system. Though it can be pricey, sticking with some of the lower models will ensure reasonable value.

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Honda Pilot Pros and Cons: What To Know When Weighing Your Decision (2024)


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